“Gill, you are brilliant at what you do, kind, encouraging, down-to-earth and you made me laugh! You work completely with the person, with what they need and their individual problems and it was lovely seeing you each session, a real boost.”

"I am glad that I asked Gill for her expertise and thankful to her for helping me. I particularly valued the way she explained every step and used analogies to help me understand. I felt very safe and although the experience was emotional at times, it was really positive."

"Hypnotherapy has already been hugely beneficial to me because the strategies Gill has taught me worked straight away and are self-perpetuating; the whole process is about being in control and learning how to sustain and build on the successes already enjoyed.   I’m so glad that I was guided by Gill whose kindness and capacity to inspire trust made the whole experience truly transformative."

"As a nurse, I had naturally tried all traditional avenues first because I didn’t understand about the subconscious and its effect on our lives. After these appointments I was often left with a sense of hopelessness and that I was wasting people’s time. Gill however used great skill, empathy, insight and humour to get me this fabulous result. By treating me holistically and with an open mind she has made significant and positive changes happen. I completely recommend her and trust in her skills and her ability to bring about positive change."

“I came home from seeing Gill yesterday and I'm on cloud 9! She is warm, gentle, very encouraging, very easy to talk to and very genuine. I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Gill - you've just given me back my life!”

"Gill was brilliant - so happy all the time, full of energy - a great person to look to!"

“Gill was wonderful. So kind, reassuring and enthusiastic - and funny too! She helped me loads with the things I was worried about and is a really lovely lady. I would absolutely recommend her”

"I was incredibly anxious and nervous before my first session, but Gill put my mind at ease from that very first session I felt much more positive. I feel now as though I have been injected with so much positivity that there’s no longer much room at all for all the negativity that used to put boundaries in my mind. I can finally move past them because I feel I’ve been given the gift of inner strength. The most precious thing I have learnt is that no matter how bad things can seem, we are able to change our perspectives and alter our minds into a much nicer place.Thank you so much Gill! You have given me the gift of my life back and for that, I cannot thank you enough! 

“Gill's style? - Conscientious, with passion, able to use humour to enhance learning and moving forward.”

 “Gets on with the work efficiently. Caring and very supportive. Enabled me to feel at ease as much as possible despite all the rough stuff I was going through. Facilitated the down moments and helped them pass through.”

“During the difficult emotional times when I felt so bad, Gill was able to turn it around so quickly, it was amazing to experience just how effectively I was able to change my state of mind!”

“Gill’s an excellent teacher who explains everything very clearly. She is encouraging and compassionate. Thanks so much Gill - you're a life saver!”

"Gill, you have a very soothing voice, and a wonderfully kind soul. I realize that therapists and patients cannot be “friends” per se, but after meeting with you, I feel as though I have always known you. It’s very easy to open up to you, and you are the reason that I have been singing the praises of hypnotherapy to anyone who will listen."

“Gill’s tremendous - she has something really special. She’s the kind of person you’d like to have as a friend for life.”

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