What are the benefits/outcomes?

“I enjoy life, I’m having much more fun. I’m much more creative both at home and at work. At work, I’m taking on more challenges and enjoying them. I can plan ahead now, not only trips and visits, but also how to use my time so I feel more fulfilled and live in the present.  I realise I can enjoy my life all of the time – time is precious and deserves some thought.” Simon

“I feel as though I have been released from a straightjacket. I am able to do much more physically and mentally. I can appreciate my life and see it as full of choices and possibilities instead of being overwhelmed by difficulties” Judy

"I feel lighter and empowered. I have addressed and shed very long-run insecurities about my appearance. I have a practical toolkit for addressing my work patterns. I am mindful of the kind of sabotage that I have used in the past and have a “process” to deal with these patterns." Richard

“I now have the knowledge that I can give myself the mind I want, and free myself from the miseries of the past. I feel so positive and hopeful!” Jenny

"I feel as though my anxiety ‘switch’ has finally been turned off and with it, the feeling of being slowly poisoned and drained of all my energy." Leanne

“I find myself naturally doing what is best for me! I’m eating healthily, exercising regularly and restructuring my workload. I feel relaxed, positive and happy, which is reflected in my relationships with my family - husband, children and parents. It is wonderful to feel that I’ll now be able to do anything without fear of the self-sabotage that used to dominate my life. It has opened up my life!” Jane

‘I feel much more confident and smile most of the time. I catch myself sitting and standing with better posture. I’m friendlier to people I meet, and much more likely to interact with shopkeepers etc. I can now really enjoy family conversations, because my ‘inner voice’ is silent! Working and tidying is easier because all my energy now goes into the job. I’m able to be much more assertive – I recently confronted someone’s behaviour and was rewarded with a simple apology – wow! I am so grateful to have taken part in this amazing course. It is truly life-enhancing. Thank you!” Liz 

"The glass is certainly half full for me now....and I work at it every day. I am a lot more able to focus on the positives in my day and in my life. I’m experiencing a new happiness and am able to live in the present; I see and experience things that for years I have passed by not noticing ...and they give me great joy!
      'I feel lighter and empowered to make difficult decisions. I feel confident that I now have a positive way of processing those old patterns and voices, and that I do have the power to steer my life the way I want it to go. I used to hear people talk about being their own best friend, which felt beyond my comprehension and out of my reach. But now I feel I can rely on myself so much more; I need a lot less reassurance and support from other people; I’m a lot more my own person! ...and it feels such a gift!
      'My health has been good, and I can see the difference that my frame of mind has on it. I have taken on a bigger role in one of my jobs which means bigger responsibility and workload and it feels exciting. I feel happier in myself and I can see how that benefits my relationships; especially with my partner. I’ve rediscovered my dry wit and good humour; which has changed and breathed fresh air into our relationship" Nic


I Think

I think, therefore I can…
I think I am…
I think I am calm,
I think I am rational,
I think I am well respected.
I am, I think…

I think, therefore I can.
I think I can…
I think I can believe in myself,
I think I can be communicative,
I think I can find my voice.
I think, I can.

I think therefore, I can.
I can think…
I can think, I am talented.
I can think, I am intelligent.
I can think, I am inspired.
I think I am.

I think therefore I can.
I think. I am.
I think, I am confident.
I think, I am positive.
I think, I am deserving.
I think I am
because I think,
I can.

(Michelle - a poem written in the weeks following the course)

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