How is it different from other therapies?

"‘Taking the Reins' is a complete therapy/approach; it answers all the questions that other therapies don’t answer. It enables you to be in control and be free."  Sam

"It is exceptionally, deceptively simple. You are given the tools to do it yourself – it doesn’t really matter what your particular challenge is – it works for everyone" Jane

"Essentially, you take something away with you. It is a tool which you can use in any situation. It is a stand-alone device which does not require anything or anyone else (other than yourself) to work" Judy

“There is combination of neurological and physiological fact to give a solid base, and then a training to directly change your mood. It's like being given an instruction manual and a spanner to fix your bike/car rather than just discussing with ‘one who knows’!” Danny

“It’s a really good balance of theory and practical technique. I found the theory side of the course really interesting - it’s not too heavy but the topics covered really give you a good understanding of how the mind works and how positive techniques can improve this.” Sara

"It is about taking responsibility for one’s thought patterns and behaviour, whilst realising that they are perfectly normal. For me, this “let’s deal with the now” process is a lot more useful than questions about my family and upbringing." Richard

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