Clients' stories

Depression and anxiety

 " After twenty years of periods of crippling depression, the idea of ever being depressed (or even emotionally unstable to any degree at all) again in the future now seems utterly implausible! There is of course potential for regret at not experiencing Taking the Reins twenty years ago (when my depressive episodes began), but with the tools and strategies I now have at my disposal, I know there is no place for regret (or any similarly damaging emotion) in my life.
    " Taking the Reins includes something for everyone, and in my case I found that activities I would previously have shied away from engaging in quickly became second nature to me. I can see now that this was all part of the rapid shift in perspective that I experienced right from the start of the course. Situations and 'hurdles' which up until then would have caused me to naturally become introspective on the basis of unhelpful and limiting assumptions about myself instead presented themselves as openings and opportunities to restore emotional balance to my life.
    " When I've since spoken about the course with friends I've referred to the experience on a few occasions as being like having a veil lifted from in front of my eyes, and this captures the essence of what it's about - it's very, very simple to lift the veil, and yet if you never realised there was a veil there in the first place you would presumably just plough on regardless, in a limiting state in which you were always likely to end up being an 'emotional victim' as soon as events didn't pan out the way your unconscious mind expected them to!
    "Quite simply, I can't recommend Gill highly enough. She is the ideal trainer for a course of this nature because she has a very supportive and gently encouraging manner (something which is essential for dealing with people who are dealing with emotional upset in their lives) but is also firm enough to make sure that you deal with things you may find challenging." (Mark)

"Before the course I had spent years suffering from episodes of depression during which I often became very angry, spiteful and destructive and/or despairing and suicidal, with feelings of anxiety, inner panic and insecurity, general lethargy and tiredness,  low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
"I had sought help over the years from a variety of sources including anti-depressants, hormone treatment, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and self-help books.  I was hospitalised for two periods of 6 weeks and 4 months when I just could not cope with life any more and also for a shorter period when I had taken an overdose.  However, despite all this help, the episodes of black depression continued and the other problems seemed to get worse as I got older. I am now 62 and first experienced depression as a teenager.
     "Well I can honestly say that TTR changed my life.  I did the course four months ago and am still singing its praises  at every possible opportunity.  On the very first day of the course I realised how powerful the process is – it enables you to take control of your life and make decisions about how you want to live it in the future.  It teaches you how to stop dwelling on weaknesses and negative aspects of your life and how to maximise the positive aspects and exploit your strengths.
     "It is unique compared with other therapies in that it takes such a short time to learn and then you are in control of its success, not dependent on therapists or drugs.  An important factor for me is that the course is not based on a detailed analysis of previous miserable experiences in your life. The most important factor is that it works.
     "I have used the process extensively since the course and am sure I shall continue to do so in the future.  It enables me to cope with moments of self-doubt, with times when sad things happen and when difficulties and irritations crop up. I can now divert negative thoughts, avoid arguments and, most importantly for me, I can stop an episode of depression developing.  Such power!
     "I now feel much more confident, independent, positive and happy with my life generally.  My family and friends have noticed the difference in the way I look, talk and behave.  The course has enabled me to get on with my life in a positive way, making the most of the many opportunities available to me. I am now enjoying a life that so many times in the past I didn’t consider was worth living.
     "My sincere thanks to Gill for guiding me through the course.  Her approach was friendly and filled with humour. She is an excellent communicator, able to respond appropriately to individual difficulties, firm but kind, professional, exuding confidence about the process and knowledgeable and professional. I’m really glad I chose to do the training with her."  (Jane)


Beth had severe Clinical Depression, anxiety, fatigue, confusion and inability to cope.  She had been suffering from depression all of her life.
     There is a tangible difference between before and now. Before it was as though the lights were switched off and I had to feel my way around a blackened room which had large solid objects in it that felt smooth and hard. Now I have all the lights switched on and can see clearly that I’ve been in the garage for years which would explain why I couldn’t find any food!!!
     As regards my posture, I now imagine a beautiful African lady wearing colourful garments and carrying bundles wrapped in colourful material on top of her head. She stands perfectly upright, carrying the weight of her bundle on the correct muscles within her body. This makes her journey through life effortless. It means that she can stride with energy along the dusty road of life holding the hands of her little children that walk beside her. Through carrying only the bundles that she is authorised to carry and by carrying them with the correct posture using her core muscles, the contours of her body are toned and athletic. I recognise core strength in her posture. She’s a powerful yet elegant and stunning woman with enormous capacity and resilience.
      I now feel as though there’s a tornado around me that’s impenetrable and powerful. It consumes anything that tries to bring me down. In the centre of the tornado I am standing with my hands lifted high into the air enjoying the calm in the eye of the storm where there is peace, silence, calm and the soothing sight of the blue sky above. I am filled with a ceaseless Joy that will never leave my side. And I have total confidence in the process in force around me that will destroy my foes and keep me safe forever.
     I feel happy to be alive! It really resonates through me. It’s such a blessing this gift of life – I feel free!" (Beth)


Eating issues

Until I did the course I felt as though my whole life had been a diet. My mum started me on a diet when I was around 5yrs old, and I think I realised then that food was an issue. I was a tubby child and always felt unattractive. In my teens I just worked hard at school and university to avoid having to go out to social situations where I might meet boys, because I felt noone could possibly be attracted to me.
  So my life, like my mum's, was a constant round of diets, yo-yoing from one to the next and stuffing myself in between, getting bigger and bigger. And I wasn't even enjoying the food I was stuffing in, but I didn't seem to be able to stop.
The course was a revelation. It helped me understand how my brain was in the habit of thinking unhealthily about my food and body. Gill taught me to do it not in a judgemental, angry way, but almost as an observer, so I could step back from the situation and really choose how I wanted to be in the future. Almost like writing a blueprint for life! I learned to 'Take the Reins' of my life! And it's fantastic! I used the process constantly for the first few weeks, and then I found it came more and more naturally to me. Now it's easy and natural for me to eat healthily. I can now make real choices about what I want to eat. I've thrown away the scales, the diet books and the calorie counters. I just tune into what I actually want, really enjoy eating it, and can stop when I've had enough. It's amazing! I'd always wondered how people could do that. Now I know. (Gail)



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