Taking the Reins

You are riding along on a horse.  It takes you through lots of different landscapes, different terrains, different weather. Some of them are fine: fresh air, beautiful views, birdsong, a sense of freedom – but some of them are boggy, or gloomy, frightening or closed-in.

You feel out of control. You want to go back to the path you liked, but the horse has a will of its own. You end up going where the horse chooses to take you. It’s not where you want to go.

Sometimes it feels as though our minds are like that. We want to look forward to the party, but our mind heads off in a different direction, filling up with anxieties: 'Will I look OK? Will people like me? Will I be able to think of anything to say?' We want to enjoy the holiday, but we spend much of the time worrying about things that might go wrong in our house while we’re away, or the presentation we've got to make when we return to work, or our appraisal that's coming up.

'Taking the Reins' is all about making choices – choosing how you want to feel and respond in different situations, and learning that you can make that choice. You can ‘Take the Reins’.

‘Taking the Reins’ is an intensive training course, taught over 3 days. It combines a training programme and therapy, and it is highly effective in helping people with a whole range of issues, in particular:

The course teaches you to recognise the thought patterns which are keeping you trapped in a negative loop, that can lead to debilitating conditions which might include stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue etc. You learn to recognise these stress-producing thought patterns, stop them, and turn them around so that you can move forward in your life.




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