What does it feel like?

My  Experience of Hypnotherapy

"Having been for hypnotherapy before I knew what it would be like but I could not wait for my first session with Gill. She is a very warm person and so easy to talk to. I was afraid of judgement of my problems but her presence just makes it easy to relax. She explained to me how complex the mind was but also how easy it is to change. I felt as though I was stuck on one path everyday and she showed me there are many other paths that can be taken and all you have to do is find them. Peter

"When under hypnosis I find I can feel like I am in a huge room. Gill’s calm voice makes it easy for the process of hypnotherapy to start. Everything seems so spaced out. Also you may notice every now and again the birds singing. You will probably find they come in and out throughout the session. If you struggle to imagine difference things then don’t worry as it does not matter. I would always find my mind going off on a tangent while Gill is working her magic, but that does not matter because that marvellous little computer, the subconscious, does all the work. Jay

"Hypnosis is such a warm experience. It is just like the feeling when you are in bed, very tired and you shut your eyes. When you are at the point when you are so comfortable that you just don’t want to open your eyes. That’s hypnosis. It’s the most amazing experience, you can move, talk and respond in any way you like and open your eyes whenever you want. But you don’t want to, because the relaxation is wonderful. You can literally feel the weight leaving your shoulders and you have an hour where nothing matters. All those dark clouds become white fluffy ones and have no weight in them. And as your sessions progress you will find those clouds will gradually become lighter as each session passes. Miracles can happen"


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