How can NLP help me?

How is NLP used in therapy?

All NLP therapy is carried out in a fully conscious state, and is therefore particularly suitable for people who do not feel comfortable with the idea of hypnosis but who still would like to benefit from a speedy and effective form of therapy.

NLP can be very quick and effective: 2-4 sessions are often all that are needed to deal with a specific issue. There are usually noticeable changes after just 1 session. When compared to traditional talking therapies such as counselling which can often require weekly sessions for months or even years, it is clear that fewer sessions ultimately mean less cost to you, both emotionally and financially.

Often people who have previously been for some form of talking therapy say it was nice to talk to someone about their problem, but it didn't actually help them solve it. NLP is different. It is pro-active and focuses on outcomes, empowering you to change your perceptions of the past and build useful resources for the future.

I use NLP sometimes on its own and sometimes in conjunction with hypnosis. It is highly effective in dealing with a wide range of issues, including:

By knowing how your brain works, you can change it so that is always working for you - improving your life and the lives of those around you.

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