Commonly-asked questions

Commonly-asked questions

We all have ideas about what can happen to us when in a hypnotic trance. Unfortunately most of these expectations come not from our own actual experience of hypnosis but from other more questionable sources such as films, novels, cartoons and stage hypnotism, and, as the business of entertainment isn't always too concerned with factual accuracy, it is not surprising that many of our basic assumptions about hypnosis are wrong. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about hypnosis and their real answers

Will I still be control during the hypnotherapy?

YES - You will always be totally in control and completely able to ignore or resist any of the suggestions of your hypnotherapist if you wish to. You will notice how much it is you who creates the trance, and that the role of the hypnotherapist is purely to assist you in achieving that state and in creating the opportunities for change that you desire. The more you understand that all trance is actually self hypnosis, the more you realise how you can create empowering trance states when needed in your life.

Will I be able to choose whether I reveal things about myself that I usually don't?

YES - Again, it is you who are in control. It is not necessary in hypnosis to know absolutely everything about a problem to help change to occur.

Is hypnotherapy safe?
YES - Trances occur naturally in our normal daily lives; when we watch the TV and become so absorbed that we don’t notice when others speak to us; when we day dream; when we become engrossed in a captivating book; when we listen to, or play, an inspiring piece of music. These are all trance states, and not only are they very normal and safe experiences, they also make us feel good in a special way.

Will I find myself doing things that I'd never normally do?

NO - You will retain you personal and social integrity, and your moral code within hypnosis.

Will I lose conscious awareness of everything that happens during the session?

This will depend on the level of trance you reach. Many people will experience entering medium and deep trance during their first visit; some of what happens here can be forgotten to some extent, much like waking from a half remembered dream. Some people achieve only a light trance on the first visit, where everything is much more fully remembered, and feels most like daydreaming. They will often feel as though they "weren't under ", because they were so aware of everything that went on; observation of them however will show that they "were under" and did exhibit all the classical signs of being in trance. The level of trance you reach has no effect on the work done within a session. Most people find it easier to enter the deeper states of trance the more comfortable and experienced they become with the idea of hypnosis.

Will I do anything that I'm told whilst under hypnosis?

NO - Again you are very much in control. In hypnosis, the unconscious mind is much more active than in the waking state; it still checks what is said before believing it, although it does have a slightly different checking system. The conscious mind asks: "Is this true?" whilst the unconscious mind asks: "Would I like this to be true?" This is why the positive changes achieved in hypnotherapy can be so dramatic and relatively easy.

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