Clients' comments

What clients have said:

Anxiety and depression

"I was constantly worrying about tiny things and felt like I was pushing myself down into a massive pit. As if I was crushing myself. It started to improve as soon as I came to see you. For the first time in 4 years, I enjoy being here. I’ve found a new energy. My life now is like the difference between a frown and a smile. I’m ready to fly!"

"My doctor recommended  that I see Gill, who is attached to the Oldfield Park Surgery in Bath. At that time I had been diagnosed with depression and was on anti-depressants.
    Having already seen two therapists, been prescribed medication, getting lots of exercise and eating healthily, I still felt a mess. Many of my friends and indeed my family were at a loss to understand how I was feeling. I felt like a ‘stuck’ record when I tried to explain. Every time I thought I had reached a new low, I would find something else to beat myself over the head with and drive myself even lower.

    Through hypnotherapy, I was able to access those ‘subconscious’ parts of myself that were holding me back, that were part of my self-imposed ‘prison’, and also those parts of me that form my ‘healing mechanism’.  I was able to start walking back from the dark side and back into the light.
    In truth we did not talk a great deal about the specific events that led me into depression. Instead Gill enabled me to access those tools and skills I needed in order to start feeling more ‘in control’. It is a process and we took each part of my issues – the waking in the middle of the night, the circular thinking, the unanswered questions, the lump of ‘two by four’ that I use to beat myself up with and which lead to my depression. I was surprised at how soon I started to feel a good deal better. It was a remarkably quick process – about two months from start to finish. There were minor setbacks along the way. It did require a deal of honesty on my part.
    You as the client are made to feel an absolutely equal part of the process with Gill. There is no magic wand  about the process of hypnotherapy. It does require commitment on the part of the client, but that commitment is equally matched by Gill, who I found to be warm, empathetic and very human."

"I feel like a completely different person. For years I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety attacks– screaming, crying, shaking, especially at night. Now I’ve got my confidence back. I feel positive, enthusiastic about things, happy with my lot. The panic attacks have gone. I’m looking forward to things again. I’m dealing with problems rather than falling apart. I’m taking care with my appearance again – putting on make-up and nice clothes. I’m so excited – I want to tell everyone about it!" (Celia)

Low self esteem/lack of confidence/internalised anger

"I found the sessions positive and relaxing. I liked your honesty and at times directness that allowed me to fully understand what was going on. Other practitioners of various disciplines I have encountered seem to shroud their treatment with complications so that the patient doesn’t ask questions, merely has to accept what is happening. This was not the case with you.
    "The results were amazing! After just 2 sessions I have been feeling absolutely wonderful – a total transformation. Having always felt fragmented, with the constant presence of internalised anger, I now feel complete and liberated. I can look forward to the future, knowing that I can deal with whatever happens calmly and confidently. The difference is fantastic– I feel so free!" (Stephen)



"I found the sessions very relaxed and felt comfortable enough, even when not in hypnosis, to open up and show what is actually a very vulnerable side of me. Now I feel much more positive, my habits have changed -  the way I shop, the quantity I buy, the type foods that I do buy. I am not worried about running out of food as I have been in the past. I don’t feel stressed when there is nothing in the fridge, I have not been craving crisps or biscuits. I’ve been able to eat one pack of crisps, and leave it at that for days and days. I have been looking more at what I am buying, focussing and planning more than in the past. I feel so clear in my head, not feeling the need to binge my way through the contents of the kitchen." Erica)

"It’s been a huge change – a massive improvement. It’s almost second nature now – I’m not feeling hungry or the compulsion to go into the kitchen. I’ve lost weight. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything. I’m having healthy snacks, and I feel totally satisfied – I don’t feel any compulsion to go back and eat more. I’m able to stop when I’m full. I’m able to know there’s food in the fridge and not have to eat it. For the first time in my life, I’m really enjoying my food."  (Jane)


The hypnotherapy helped me to find the real reasons why I carried on smoking even though I knew how damaging it was and kept trying to tell myself so. I discovered it was a really powerful negative force. I found the process was very relaxing and intriguing but also very powerful in helping me channel that force in a more positive way.” (Lynne)

The hypnotherapy was really useful. It made me clear in my mind why I was smoking and why I wanted to quit. I’ve stopped smoking before but it was a real battle of will, and each time I started again after a few days or a couple of weeks. This time, although at first I still through habit wanted a cigarette, the cravings didn’t last very long and were easy to resist. My confidence and self-esteem has really grown. I felt in control.” (Rhys)

"I’ve stopped smoking…full stop….job done after 30+ years of smoking and numerous failed attempts. I just haven’t wanted a cigarette, even when I have been socialising with people who are smoking. I didn’t need any alternatives like sweets or whatever. I’ve been really surprised – it’s proved so much easier than I anticipated”  (Kevin)

Compulsive habits

"I had been scratching my head for 20 years – it was always covered in scabs where I’d made it bleed, and my hair has fallen out several times. I washed my hair 5 or 6 times a day and my cupboard was full of lots of different lotions to put on it. After the 2 sessions I haven’t wanted to scratch at all. I’m not using any creams and my hair-washing is down to one a day I feel so much better – calm, sunny, relaxed." (Mel)

Eating disorders

"I’ve had issues with food all my adult life, starting when I was a teenager when I would eat food, then make myself sick. I was really thin until about 21, then put on weight steadily. I was out of control. I would eat anything available, even things I didn’t actually like. After the hypnotherapy I am enjoying food again. Now I can link eating to being hungry, and stop when I’ve had enough. I feel relaxed and calm around food." (Yvonne) 

"Gill inspired me to get where I wanted to in life, and overcome the fears and guilt I felt. The sessions I experienced were uplifting, I always left with a feeling of euphoria and usually immediately went onto achieve something that we had discussed. I have now gained almost a stone and a half (only a stone away from a healthy weight) and I will now try any food. Gill instilled confidence in me that I could let go of the burdens I felt, and for that life-changing experience, I can't thank her enough!" (Liz, 17)

Sleep problems

"Having had severe sleep problems for most of my adult life I had reached desperation point by the time that I was introduced to Gill. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists over the years and been given a variety of often very unpleasant medications to take, none of which were effective for more than a week or so. I had tried a wide variety of ‘alternative’ therapies unsuccessfully but shied away from hypnotherapy following a previous half-hearted attempt several years ago.
     "My remit to Gill was that I just wanted to ‘go to bed and go to sleep as normal people do’.  Over  7 visits we covered, to my surprise, many different aspects of my life and my personality and I became aware that I was becoming a calmer and more tolerant person. This was not what I had been to see Gill about but was an additional bonus. The breakthrough came after the 6th visit when I became aware that I was doing exactly what I had started off wanting – I was going to bed and going to sleep – no medication. Good sleep has made a huge difference to my life and I am a considerably happier and more fulfilled person because of it.
     "As a nurse, I had naturally tried all traditional avenues first because I don’t understand about the subconscious and its effect on our lives. After these appointments I was often left with a sense of hopelessness and that I was wasting people’s time. Gill however used great skill, empathy, insight and humour to get me this fabulous result and by not allowing me to dictate what I thought my needs were, but by treating me holistically and with an open mind she has made significant and positive changes happen. I completely recommend her and trust in her skills and her ability to bring about positive change. (Jo)



"Thank you so much for restoring calm to our household, Gill! Our son was struggling to get on with his revision, and nothing we said or did seemed to help. After a couple of sessions with you, he has had a much more positive attitude. He is now planning his time sensibly and working hard. I am sure the work on positivity will benefit him, not just for these exams, but for the rest of his life." (Laura)


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